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About Us

Clear Risk Solutions specializes in insurance program administration and risk management services. We are contracted as the third party administrator (TPA) or program manager on behalf of insurance pools, programs, and carriers. In addition to securing commercial property and liability insurance products, we provide underwriting, claims, risk management, and administrative functions for our insurance partners and clients.

Our company has served the Pacific Northwest for over 30 years. Formerly known as Canfield, our organization completed the name change to Clear Risk Solutions in 2015. Our operation was an independent office until it was acquired by Brown & Brown, Inc. in 2003. This transition allowed us to provide a broader base of insurance products, carrier options, and has increased our marketability.

Company Strategy

Purpose: To be a leader in the pooling and program industry by providing enhanced services, cultivating relationships, and maintaining profitability.

Vision: To be at the forefront of the industry by providing innovative and sustainable risk solutions.

Mission Statement: To provide superior risk solutions that cultivate lifetime client relationships through sound financial practices, transparency, and integrity.

Core Values: We seek to develop lifetime client relationships, grow through creativity and innovation, and ethically conduct all of our business operations.

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