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The Clear Risk Solutions claims team, established in 1985, has successfully handled claims and litigation issues across an extremely varied and dynamic group of clients. Combined, the individuals of the claims team represent over 100 years of experience and are all well-versed in both property and liability coverage. If you have any questions, contact our Claims Team, or call 800.407.2027.

Claims Process

The claims process is designed to be user-friendly and allows members to have a voice in how their claims are handled. 


  • When entities become aware of a claim or lawsuit, they simply contact their broker or Clear Risk Solutions.

  • The claims team will promptly begin an investigation and determine liability.

  • The client will be contacted and a plan of action will be developed with their input.

  • Throughout the claims process, we provide our members with regular progress updates.

Litigation Process

Should a claim proceed to litigation, the claims team accesses a broad panel of experienced attorneys. The team assigns independent attorneys from the program’s legal panel to file an appearance on our member’s behalf, regardless of insurance coverage, to protect them from default if they receive a lawsuit. If necessary, this attorney can be substituted at a later date by a specialist in that particular area of litigation.


We strive to maintain excellent communication with our members and to accomplish claims resolutions that satisfy all parties. It is up to our members to determine their level of participation in the litigation process; however, we encourage our members to attend all mediations, arbitrations, and trials.

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