Regional Trainings

If you’d like to host a training like one below, or if you’d like to see a specific training come your way, please contact Claire Hanberg.

Group Meeting

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Kennewick - October 29, 2019

SeaTac - November 8, 2019

Bellingham - November 14, 2019

Liberty Lake - November 19, 2019



Presented by the highly-qualified members of “Teams & Leaders”, this training focused on leadership essentials with regard to the critical skills necessary for navigating emotions and relationships. The objectives of the training: to become more self-aware of emotions, using that awareness to react positively to situations and people, accurately reading the emotions of others, and improving interactions and relationships through the power of empathy.


Pursuit Decision-Making

Clarkston - December 2, 2019

​Colfax - December 3, 2019

Cathlamet - January 15, 2020


This “risk versus benefit” analysis formula can satisfy the courts AND your agency policy. This course helps prevent police vehicle pursuit tragedies and provides the officer or deputy, patrol supervisor, and agency policy-maker with reasonable “pursuit decision-making” factors for safer and more defensible vehicle pursuits, arrest of fleeing offenders, and defense of your actions in any venue.