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Regional Trainings

If you have any questions regarding these trainings or would like to suggest an idea for future events, please contact communications.

Building Relationships on Professional Practices & Customer Service

Maintaining Professional Boundaries While Coaching

Recognizing and Reporting Vulnerable Adult Abuse

Law Enforcement Reform- What You Need to Know

Enhancing Workplace Climate

Maintaining Professional Boundaries While Working With Children

Disaster Preparedness: Practical Steps Towards Organizational Resiliency

ADA Demystified: Roundtable Discussion

Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse

Leading with Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is a vital aspect of being an effective leader. Fortunately, we can all learn and strengthen the critical skills necessary for navigating emotions and relationships. Sponsored by NPIP, this leadership training brought helpful information for leaders to become self-aware of emotions, use that awareness to react positively to situations and people, accurately read the emotions of others, and improve interactions and relationships through the power of empathy.

Navigating Insurance in a Changing Marketplace

Presented by NPIP and Munich RE, this training focused on helping nonprofits properly protect their organizations by navigating recent changes in the insurance market. The objectives of the training are to examine the driving factors behind the current insurance landscape, outline ways you help support your organization obtain the best renewal outcomes, and review best practices for proactive risk management.

Navigating Intercultural Workplace Dynamics -

Part 1: Creating Culturally Competent People

Navigating Intercultural Workplace Dynamics -

Part 2: Cross-Cultural Communication

Your Guide to Addressing HR-Related Employee Risks

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