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Program Administration

We specialize in the formation and management of group insurance programs for public and nonprofit entities.

What is an insurance group program?

An insurance group is a limited-purpose insurance option intended to transfer risks from an individual to a larger group that experiences similar risks. The basic operating principle of an insurance group is “strength in numbers.” It is generally true that individuals are able to find better protection as part of a group than they would on their own. Forming or participating in an insurance group is a type of alternative risk transfer technique that provides options beyond the conventional insurance market.

Why form an insurance group?

Traditional insurance methods do not always deliver acceptable results with regard to coverage, cost, capability, and service. By forming or joining an insurance group, organizations have greater control over how their insurance needs are being met. In comparison to traditional insurance techniques, insurance group programs provide:

  • More buying power in a volatile insurance market

  • Stable and predictable rate increases

  • Increased ability to prevent and manage losses

  • Rating structures that reflect market trends

Our Approach

Our guiding purpose is to serve as an expert source of information in all areas relating to insurance and risk management by:

  • Partnering with our clients to meet the needs of today and prepare for the uncertainties of tomorrow

  • Providing a fiscally stable product

  • Reducing risks through risk management programs, educational trainings, and pre-litigation consulting services

  • Offering claims handling and litigation management services

Why Clear Risk Solutions?

Creating a group insurance program as an alternative risk management strategy is widely used by many large companies around the world. However, many small and medium-sized businesses have viewed the option as either too costly or time consuming to pursue. Clear Risk Solutions provides the knowledge and experience needed to form and administer your insurance group program so that you can focus on what really matters - your organization's mission.

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